GeoConvergence Workshop (free!) – 18-19 May 2021

A group of experts from across different sectors and industries will launch the dialogue and share the current state of affairs in terms of research and innovation in geospatial science, technology, and integration on May 18th. On May 19th, AGS and NSF are asking all “geo” stakeholders – including researchers, companies and organizations (including startups, non-profits, etc.), educators, students, foundations, and government agencies to participate in interactive breakout groups identifying problems, advancing solutions, suggesting collaborations, and defining deliverables to accelerate geospatial enablement, technology adoption, and data utilization. The event will close on May 20th, as we summarize lessons learned from the workshop and submit recommendations to NSF that may result in a new research and development funding track for geo-related innovation.

Register here to join me and many others from around the world brainstorm the future of the GeoConvergence: