UN-GGIM Academic Network Forum 2017


Prof. Abbas Rajabifard
Chair, UN-GGIM Academic Network
Director, Centre for SDIs and Land Administration
University of Melbourne

Mr. Stefan Schweinfest
Director, United Nations Statistics Division

Mr. Greg Scott
UN Inter-Regional Adviser, UN-GGIM,
United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs

Mr. Kees de Zeeuw
Chair, UN-EG-LAM
Director, Kadaster International

Mr. Ronaldo Alcantar
Vice-President of Governing Board, INEGI
Co-Chair, UN-GGIM
Chair, UN-GGIM Regional Committee for the Americas

Dr. Chryssy Potsiou
President, FIG

Mr. Sanjay Kumar
Chair, UN-GGIM Private Sector Network
President, Association of Geospatial Industries

Mr. Dave Lovell
Chair, UN-GGIM Geospatial Societies
President, Global Spatial Data Infrastructure-GSDI Association

Mr. Li Pengde
Co-Chair, UN-GGIM
Secretary General, UN-GGIM-AP

Dr. Kumar Navulur
President, DigitalGlobe Foundation

Ms. Denise McKenzie
UN-GGIM Private Network Sector
Executive Director, Communications and Outreach, OGC

Prof. Maria Brovelli
Deputy Chair, UN-GGIM Academic Network
Chair, SPRS WG IV/4

Mr. Kevin Pomfret
Center for Spatial Law and Policy, USA

Prof. Menno-Jan Kraak
Advisory Board, UN-GGIM Academic Network
President, International Cartographic Association-ICA

Prof. Josef Strobl
Advisory Board, UN-GGIM Academic Network
University of Salzburg, Austria

Prof. Harlan Onsrud
Advisory Board, UN-GGIM Academic Network
University of Maine, USA

Prof. Joep Crompvoets
Advisory Board, UN-GGIM Academic Network
Secretary General, EuroSDR

Dr. Lesley Arnold
Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information

Ms. Maryam Rabiee
Visiting Research Associate, Centre for SDIs and Land Administration, University of Melbourne