Main Focus

To achieve our objectives, the Academic Network’s initial work plan will focus on the following:

  • Review of the current UN-GGIM WGs’ work plan to identify areas for support and input.
  • Promotion of the Network to potential member institutions.
  • Registry of current capabilities, degree programs, training programs, research, and courses, relevant to UN-GGIM gathered as part of the membership application process as well as through additional means.
  • Establishing a Registry for Education, Training and Research.

Reporting Procedure

 The Academic Network will report to the UN-GGIM Committee of Experts and High Level Forum.

 Frequency of Meetings

The Academic Network will normally operate virtually and will meet in concurrence with related meetings of geospatial information, and also officially meet during each UN-GGIM Committee of Experts and High Level Forums.

The UN-GGIM website, Skype, WebEx, Google Drive and DropBox, in addition to other relevant telecommunication tools will be used by the Academic Network for communication, collaboration, knowledge management and information sharing and dissemination.